Evelin and Gabi are hosting a space where our hearts can connect and where we can express gratitude and wishes, joy and sadness, questions and answers. We are supported by the quality and energy of the beginning of winter.

Photo by Gabi Vana


Evelin Posseger
Clinical and health psychology
Walking In Your Shoes
Access Bars

Gabi Vana
Studied English and Italian
Nonviolent Communication

 VENUE:  Rinkenberg 25 (Feuerstelle), 9150 Bleiburg:
DATE:   Thursday, 20. December 2018, 6,30 pm – 9 pm
Donations welcome

For your information:
This date completes our series of “Let’s BE together”. At the moment there are no further events planned for 2019.

For organisational reasons please register by the latest two days before:
possegerevelin@hotmail.com  or 0664/751 379 38
bellvana@aon.at  or 0676/684 78 24