When cultivating, living and applying NVC consciousness, it may shift any kind of relationship to a more satisfactory and enriching experience for everybody involved. I believe that relationships based upon giving and receiving from the heart bring inner peace to people and the planet.

Wherever human beings meet – in families, kindergardens, schools, work places, in organisations, institutions and politics – NVC, which promotes a compassionate language of the heart, may prevent and resolve conflicts and create the space for mutual respect and appreciation even in difficult situations. This is also true für me for relationships between a human and an animal.

“Understanding without pressure leads to resolution.”

Anne van Stappen


Public talks


Practice groups

Individual Trainings (in-person or online)
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Online trainings

“If you know your needs, you are at home”

Nada Ignjatovic-Savic

My NVC experience

I have been studying and applying NVC since 2006
I have attended numerous national and international NVC workshops and retreats
Member of NVC practice group in Klagenfurt
One day seminar with Marshall B. Rosenberg at the University of Klagenfurt (2007)
Since January 2009 I have been facilitating my own private NVC practice group
2010 – 2014 I have been facilitating a public NVC practice group within adult education (Urania)
Since 2011 I have been giving public talks, running workshops and NVC practice groups, and training individuals
Since 2012 translating and facilitating Thom Bond’s Compassion Online Course 2013 (German: “Mitgefühl als Weg”)
June 2014 completion of CNVC certification process

My teachers:

  • Mag. Gabriele Gößnitzer (AUT)
  • Nada Ignjatovic-Savic (SRB)
  • Robert Gonzales (USA) – 2 years LIFE Program
  • John Kinyon (USA)
  • Thom Bond (USA)
  • Gina Lawrie (GB)
  • Jeff Brown (USA)
  • Wes Taylor (USA)
  • Simran K. Wester (Germany)
  • Sylvia Haskvitz (USA)
  • Shantigarbha Warren (GB)
  • Ian Peatey (GB/Rumania)
  • Marianne Sikor (Germany)
  • Vivet Alevi (Germany/Turkey)
  • Esther Gerdts (Germany)
  • Agnieszka Pietlicka (Poland)
  • Kelly Bryson (USA)

“What can I do to make your life more beautiful?”

Marshall B. Rosenberg