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Compassion Course Online 2016

REGISTRATION OPEN! English: http://www.nycnvc.org/home-2/trainings-and-workshops-2/the-2016-compassion-course-online Beginning:  22. June 2016 “I wholeheartedly endorse and will recommend The Compassion Course to anyone who is new to NVC and to people who want to deepen and integrate the skills and consciousness.” – Robert Gonzales, CNVC Certified Trainer – living-compassion.org  

Order NVC Material/Books Online

Click on the following link in order to get to an online-shop situated in Berlin. I have ordered a lot of my NVC material and books from there and I can really recommend it: http://www.conexbooks.de/shop/shop.php?t=571

News …

From the end of January 2016 I’m planning to facilitate an NVC practice group (consisting of 10 units) in Graz. They are likely to be on Sundays, 5 pm – 7.30 pm. Detailed dates will follow soon. I’m open and happy to hear if somebody would like to express his/her interest as from now on. […]

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