With Katja Krauß (Germany) and Gabi Vana (Austria)

Practical workshop for caregivers of dogs and people who are interested in learning or deepening the Tellington Method and Nonviolent Communication (Marshall B. Rosenberg). Noticing, feeling, doing – our observations trigger feelings, feelings point to needs – needs motivate our and our dogs’ actions. How can we get to a loving understanding?

What has Tellington TTouch in common with Nonviolent Communication?
Linda Tellington-Jones describes Tellington TTouch as communication among all species. She teaches “Interspecies Communication” at the University of Boulder Colorado (for further information see:  https://www.wisdomuniversity.org/interspecies-connections.htm).

One of the basic ideas of the Tellington approach is observation without evaluation. After the facts have been acknowleged by observing without judging, the individual animal experiences support in changing and expanding his/her consiousness. This goal can be achieved by  applying the Tellington TTouch and also certain ways of guiding the animal through the Tellington parcours. The animals’ feelings are seen as expressions of their needs and they are asked if they are open to be shown alternatives.
We are clearly reminded of the 4 steps in Nonviolent Communication (observation, feelings, needs, request).

Katja Krauß (www.greh.de) is a third level Tellington Practitioner (the highest level).  She has trained closely with Linda Tellington-Jones and often has Linda as a host in her dog-school in Berlin.

Gabi Vana is a trainer in Nonviolent Communication and is also the caregiver of a doggie.
For more information about Gabi’s educational background see: www.gabrielevana.at

This seminar addresses dog owners and people who are interested in learning or deepening their knowledge of  TTouch and NVC.

The 4 steps of NVC
– relationship between human being and dog
– relationship between dog owners
– relationship between dog owners and non-dog owners
TTouch bodywork as a means of communication
TTouch learningcourse as a means of communication
Impact instead of control

Place:  Dog-School GREH, General-Pape-Straße 48, 12101 Berlin

Date:        Saturday, 27. August 2016,  12 noon – 7 pm
Sunday, 28. August 2016,  9 am – 4 pm

Fee:  bringing your dog  € 250,- /without bringing your dog € 220,-

For further information and registration:
Tel. (+49) 030/789 51 464 oder greh@greh.de
Tel. (+43) 0676/684 78 24 oder bellvana@aon.at