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Registration for the COMPASSION COURSE ONLINE will be opened on 1. March 2018!

For active links, please click on the title. Registration for the COMPASSION COURSE ONLINE opens on 1. March 2018. Beginning: 20. June 2018. For more information (including 2 sample lessons), as well as the registration link go to: http://www.compassioncourse.org/ Any questions? Feel free to contact me under:  betreuung@mitgefuehl-als-weg.com

Compassion Online Course 2017

Registration open! For further information and to register go to: http://www.compassioncourse.org The course starts on 21. June 2017

Order NVC Material/Books Online

Click on the following link in order to get to an online-shop situated in Berlin. I have ordered a lot of my NVC material and books from there and I can really recommend it: http://www.conexbooks.de/shop/shop.php?t=571

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